A Good Day

While recording the difficulties, it’s sometimes good to remember the positive times. Today was such a day and these were the things that made it so.

1. The sun shone all day and that made L smile and seem really happy

2. Today at breakfast, she had second helpings

3. She went swimming and we are going to go together every week. I know exercise could make things worse, but she appeared to find genuine joy in doing something she loved as a child.

4. We found the Holy Grail of ice cream in the shop – and L said we should buy it and she would have some.

5. Tonight we will watch the sun go down on the beach and I know how much she will love that we did it together.

Next week, L has her first appointment with the service that will help her. I know we have a long road ahead and it will take time, but today it felt as there was so much to embrace and cherish about our lives.


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