Finding a Voice

I was at a work event today and ended up listening to a panel discussion, where one of the themes was about women online and how many women have used the internet to write, to air their thoughts, in a way that organisational or political structures has neither encouraged nor enabled.  We discussed some of the darker sides to this – the vile misogynist trolls who target and abuse these women – the extreme wing of a world in which women are constantly judged.  It made me think about this blog and why I write it – as I’ve said before, I started because I didn’t know what else to do. But as I write, I realise how much anger I feel about so many things, about anorexia, a world in which sticking out bones are celebrated and pitied simultaneously, how little sympathy or understanding there is for learning disabilities or mental illness.  so I will continue to write, not just about L, but possibly other things too.  Once you find your voice, it becomes impossible to stay silent


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