Reasons to be cheerful

L ate her breakfast with no resistance.

I made the train on time and even managed to get a coffee from the lovely people at the AMT stand.

I remembered my medication this morning.

I have my iPod, and while Fix You by Coldplay might not have been the best first choice of song, music always helps.

I have a new rucksack from IKEA – it is smart and even a little stylish. Everything I need for the day is neatly packed in compartments and that sense of order pleases me.

J is home for the summer – his presence comforts me. He eats like a horse and best of all he suddenly stops and hugs me and seems to understand when that makes me cry and knows that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

K convinced me to allow her to have the day off to avoid a rainy sports day. Bad parent marks from the attendance fascists, but guess what? I don’t care.

I have three children who are unique, fascinating, clever, thoughtful and brilliant individuals. They love me and I love them beyond measure. It will be ok.


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