Weighing up the options.

No posts for a while. L and I have been away for a couple of days and now she is with her father while I am still away. She lost more weight this week and her father asked whether she should go away on holiday to Spain with me and C. Again the doctor advised that it was a difficult decision, but she didn’t have a view. She said it wasn’t ‘ideal’.

So this is what I think:

L is better when she is away. She is happier and it feels as if she leaves some, but not all, of the anorexia behind.

She may or may not have an appointment with the hospital before we are due to go away, and even if she does, they may or may not have a bed for her.

Our friends are coming away with us – a former nurse and a former psychiatric nurse, now turned child protection social worker. More importantly, they both love L and want her better.

L put weight on last time we went away.

So we will go, possibly just L with C and me. J and K have opted out and I wonder if that is their wish to escape from anorexia for a while too. If it is, I understand.

I hope I’m doing the right thing.

3 responses to “Weighing up the options.

  1. In my experience, K, when with me, her sister and extended family abroad, always got better – we left the ed behind in some surreal way apart from our 1st trip. K’s social life is great and when she is on a sleepover or with friends, she leaves ed behind. It accelerated her recovery. We relax, we are better, we are happier – this is good! Stay strong and trust your instinct OMMB…you are an outstanding mum 🙂

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