Away with L

A quiet week on the blog, but a manic one in real life as we get ready to go away to Spain. Until Monday, it wasn’t clear if L’s doctor would advise against it, but on the basis her weight loss has slowed and she is eating three meals and three snacks, we are going.

C and I need this holiday, so does L. Her brother and sister are not coming. K doesn’t really like going away – she prefers familiar ground and J, at nearly 18, just has other stuff he’d rather do. So just the three of us. I will miss K and J enormously, but on the other hand I am really looking forward to spending time with L. We have other friends coming with us, who really care about her, and we can focus our attention on her. In a good way, obviously. There will be no mountain walking, nothing strenuous, just rest, relaxation and hopefully food.

L has been away for a few days with my mum. She seems really happy on her return. She has eaten well according to regular texts from mum. She has played with her cousins, who are two and four. L loves young children and they love her. She has bought clothes for her holiday and we are going off for a spray tan soon. She is planning meals we will have when away. I sometimes have to remind myself that she has a serious illness that has taken over our lives.

When we get back, she will have a hospital appointment and will probably be admitted. We’re both ready for it. But the next two weeks we will relax in our holiday home in the mountains and hopefully leave some of the anorexia back at home.


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