What is a kilogramme?

Today I went back to work and L went to her weekly appointment with Camhs.  I was fretful, something made me feel as if they would judge me for taking her away rather than admitting her to hospital. Eventually a text came  back, she gained a kilo. It is a small number on a chart, but it is also:

A step to a future without anorexia

A building block of a healthy L

A slap in the face for Ed

A triumph for L who has battled so hard over the last two weeks

L is pleased, but I can hear the hiss of Ed in her ear and know he is sulking in the corner, plotting a revenge.  L and I need to avoid his look, and just keep swimming. There are so many more numbers on charts, so many more steps in this journey and we need to keep our nerve.


2 responses to “What is a kilogramme?

  1. You don’t know me, but I just want to say thank you for creating this blog. You’ve really “opened my eyes” on ED & helped me to think about what I am doing to myself. Your daughter has an amazing mother & i hope you get through this battle x

    • Hi, thank you so much for that. I started this blog to help me make sense of our situation, but to know it helps others is amazing. Do try and take care of yourself, you are worth it.

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