A recommendation

It is hard to be the mother of a wonderful young woman with anorexia, but it is even harder to have anorexia and be in its grip every day. I never underestimate how hard L is trying and how difficult it is, even with support and treatment. So I was really touched and delighted to read LadyEm’s new blog http://t.co/kJweRaE (if that link doesn’t work it is theyellowbrickroadblog.wordpress.com)

I have been helped through the darkest days by online cheerleaders who I have never met (see my post on The Kindness of Strangers). So I’d really like readers of this blog to help LadyEm too. She has a wonderful voice in her blog and seems a pretty amazing young woman too. I don’t just want L to get better, I want everyone who has this illness to get well too and I think the online ED family put there is really important.

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