The Day After

Today seemed set to be worse. I felt so tired it was as if I was coming down with flu. I missed my train because the ticket machine broke down as I started using it. I had horrible stomach cramps and I just wanted to go back to bed.

Then a penny dropped. Tiredness, cramps and dizziness. Actually that sounds like an infection. I decided to take the advice of the lovely LadyEm and do something for myself. So I left work even earlier and went to the doctors. The nurse tested my urine sample and whistled. A ‘raging water infection’ was pronounced and tablets prescribed. Alcohol was banned. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

And L’s nurse called. Her BMI has now been at 16.1 for 2 days. This means she is on stage 2. She will now be able to start choosing foods and this scares her, but they will start gradually. She can go outside for a walk. She can start school work. She told the nurse her body is changing and she feels unhappy about this. They will work with her on self esteem issues and body image as well as handling her anxiety.

No matter how bad things are, they always get better, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in life changing ways. Thanks to the lovely people who keep me going. You know who you are.


One response to “The Day After

  1. Gosh, L really does seem to be moving forward. I know she perhaps doesn’t feel this way as, for her, it means just more hurdles to climb. My BMI is hovering around 15.88 and I so badly don’t want it to increase. Your young lady truly amazes me with her courage and her simple will to just keep trying and trust those supporting her.

    As for you, I’m glad you swiftly marched yourself to the doctors! Dare I say this is your body telling you to ease up on it!! OK, maybe I’m not the one to preach on listening to what our body tells us, am I! 😉

    You treat yourself to a good bottle of red to enjoy once you finish your course of antibiotics!

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