Just about hanging in there….

A newspaper on the Tube today had Back to Work emblazoned across the front page. and indeed today did feel like the start of term at work. A day in London, with a half past six start to the day. An unpleasant train journey during which a man in shorts sat next to me and promptly decided to feel himself up quite openly. Fantastic start to the week. But the meeting start time had changed – and its finish time. which meant arriving early – and realising I would struggle to get away to get my train. The train which would allow me to visit L tonight. So I had to do what I hate, leave a meeting early. I still had to run, in that undignified messy woman in her forties way, heels clacking. The train journey home was slightly more pleasant, C picked me up and I had time to change before visiting L. We spent a happy time in which I taught her how to knit the heels of socks. Sometimes I wish I could have the bed next to her in the unit. Visiting time ended and we rushed home. Dinner is a takeaway meal, the house is a tip and tomorrow is even busier. I should really clear up, do some housework or laundry. But I am just too tired. But I got through and I suspect there are many more days like this to come. I just have to hang in there a bit longer.


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