On the phone to L

I am just home. I didn’t get to see L today because I had to work. She called me about 9, as I was about to leave for the long journey journey home. I miss her so much and am cross with her father because he forgot that I told him I was working and he should see L in the evening. I say none of this to her.

She has met teachers today and is excited. She also starts guitar lessons on Thursday. Music is encouraged and supported in the unit. She also tells me her portion sizes must increase because her weight gain is slowing. This has thrown her, but she has dealt with it. We talk about the issue of what to tell her friends at school. Her close friends have asked and she wants people to know a ‘simple version of the truth’. We agree that this essentially means “L has anorexia. It is a dreadful illness. When she gets back, treat her like a normal person”

And she has finished her first knitted sock. She is so pleased. So she should be. In one day, she has coped with increased eating, coming out about her ED and knitted a sock. In time my lovely L will conquer the world. But first she must conquer anorexia. And she will

One response to “On the phone to L

  1. I just wanted to say I’ve been reading your blog sometime, and as a girl with anorexia who has been blessed with the most supportive and amazing mother, I just wanted to say how amazing YOU are too. L is a very lucky girl x

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