Saturday morning

One of the reasons weekends can be difficult is are tendency to sleep late. I have a deeply held view that weekend mornings are for lying in and paper reading, accompanied by tea. L loves to sleep late too, and so she is eating breakfast at morning snack time, snack at lunchtime and so on until we face an evening of back to back eating.

But L is nearly on track today. She awoke early as her room in the loft was cold. After snoozing next to me for a while, she ate breakfast. Reluctantly and sadly, but she ate it. She is now watching TV. I am still in bed, feeling bone tired and wishing I could sleep all day. But it is nearly snack time, so I must get up before the crack of noon, as we say in this house.

I have menus planned for the weekend. Tonight is veggie cottage pie and tomorrow, a challenge. Roast beef, with Yorkshire Pudding. L loves Yorkshire pudding and because of this it is a fear food. She will resist it, ask to have either that or potatoes, but not both. I will try to help her meet this challenge, without giving in, but without losing patience too.


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