Sunday Night

We are getting better at this. L’s fourth weekend home has been so much better. There have been no food stand offs. We have eaten together, cooked together and while L becomes downcast as food approaches it, she has managed to eat. But best of all, we have done normal things. We went to town on Saturday afternoon and had hot chocolate in a cafe. It didn’t just make me happy, I could see K looking more relaxed and it was noticeable at mealtimes that she ate more and didn’t seem so angry.

Tonight I cooked a roast dinner. Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, roast potatoes and parsnips and vegetables. Yorkshire pudding is one of L’s favourite foods and as such, it scares her. I didn’t ask her if I should cook it, I decided to confront her with a challenge. She managed it. Afterwards we sat by the fire in the living room. We agreed what time her evening snacks should be. It is all so, so much easier.


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