Giving In

I am terrible at being ill. I imagine that if you just get up and get on with things, you’ll be ok. If I ever take time off, I consider what jobs I could do at home to fill up the time. But I have had to give in this time. The inner ear infection has wiped me out for the last week and things have still not improved. I am defeated by simple tasks and the effort of getting up and getting dressed makes me cry with fatigue. I am not used to this.

But today, I gave in. Not just by taking time off, but by deciding to do exactly what the doctor said and to lie down until I feel well enough to get up. Apart from visiting L, this is what I intend to do. I am genuinely worried that if I don’t do this, I just won’t get better. And I need to be well, to support L and to get back to work.


One response to “Giving In

  1. Glad to hear you are doing what your body is telling you you need to do. Hope you feel better soon, take good care of yourself xx

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