Rage from the Sickbed

I have been really, really trying to make myself rest this week. Just lying in bed is unthinkable, so Twitter is keeping me entertained. My brain is too fuzzy for books. Twitter’s thoughts, observations and links to articles are the perfect pastime.

Until this

Rachel Cusk, has written an essay on anorexia for the New Statesman. Based on 1) knowing someone who works with anorexics, 2) reading a novel about anorexia 3) losing a lot of weight once, she has written an essay about what statement the anorexic is making with her body. “Her body”, note, because male anorexia is invisible in this essay.

Anorexics are “modern day martyrs to the cause of their own bodies”. Yes, really. She writes of will, of the choices and statement made by anorexic as if it is a religion or a life style choice. The possibility of it being a terrifying mental illness in which they are trapped appears to have passed her by. But she ends up by saluting them. So that’s alright.

I was so angry, you will see I have commented twice. Caused by tapping the comment button repeatedly. In a fury. So, please, don’t comment here – go to the New Statesman site and tell Ms Cusk, politely, how wrong she is and how damaging her words are.


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