Dental Surgery. Yes, Really.

L is home for the 5th night in a row. She was at the unit all day, and her presence here is due to a dental hospital trip tomorrow. Because, on top of treatment for anorexia, she has to have fairly significant dental surgery, involving the removal of teeth, pulling through of adult teeth and realignment through braces. We have delayed as longs as possible, until she is at a healthier weight. But teeth move and we cannot delay it forever.

This is pretty unwelcome. Surgery will make eating troublesome for a while. Cereal bars will be pretty hard to eat. Perhaps this enforced change might break up some of her rigid eating. We could really do without it. But, like everything else, we just need to meet it head on and deal with it. I really hope there are a few interminably dull years ahead….


One response to “Dental Surgery. Yes, Really.

  1. I had four wisdom teeth taken out under general anaesthetic. Milk drenched weetabix,, angel delight and home made soups (with cream) stopped me from falling too far back. Hope you both manage ok

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