New favourite blog alert!

Occasionally on Twitter or elsewhere, I (and others) go into a strop about how Mental Illness Is Not Funny. Because it isn’t and when others mock it, out of ignorance or insensitivity, it is at best hurtful and at worst vile and hateful.

Except…when someone who has a mental illness uses humour to depict their situation. Just as I have a right to make jokes about not being able to put the bins out because it is clearly a Blue Job (i.e. men were put on this earth to do it) and the lesbian and gay community get to reclaim the term ‘queer’, it is ok for someone in a state of illness to laugh at it.

So,,take a look at

I hope that worked. I am hopeless at this. It is That there is a young woman who is dealing with multiple mental health problems, yet is clever, funny, an Oxford University student and incredibly insightful is final proof that mental illnesses are dished out by bitter jealous mental illness gods who can’t bear young people who are amazingly brilliant and somehow they have to have the punishment they deserve. I hate the mental illness gods. They are bastards.


3 responses to “New favourite blog alert!

  1. Oh wow. Like beyond wow. I have an exam this afternoon, and… I can’t even express how much you’ve made me smile. Thank you so, so much. I’m speechless. Suddenly, the fact that I can’t remember a damn thing about Wordsworth doesn’t seem so big a deal. Thank you.

    • Am not being nice – just truthful. Your writing has such a strong unique voice. And so far, everyone agrees with me. Because I am right on this.

      Wordsworth liked butterflies. No, wait, daffodils. And lived in the Lake District. Does that help?

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