One More Mum, One More Award

I wrote this post, with the intention of ending on one award which I then left out! The ultimate awards evening nightmare. Anyway, ahem, actually this makes it more ‘special’.

Best Leading Role in an Eating Disorder Drama

To my daughter L. I am so sorry she is ill, but not for a moment could I ever be sorry I am her mum. Her granny and I often shake our heads and say she is too good for this world and she is definitely too good for this illness and I guess every mum feels the same. In spite of the trauma, her courage and self awareness have made her a remarkable young woman, and once she is free of this illness, I imagine that there is no limit to what she could achieve. I am enormously proud of her, on her good days, her bad days and all the ones in between. She is amazing.


One response to “One More Mum, One More Award

  1. A truly amazing young woman with the enormous love and support of her equally amazing mum. Wishing L and you success in your battle x

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