This looks a bit like recovery

In my last blog post I wrote about the difficulty in measuring depression and diagnosing how ‘ill’ someone is. The same applies for recovery -how do we know when someone is ‘better’. Being ‘weight restored’ is not enough, but how do we know when L is better? There are small signs, a meal which passes without distress, a new food tried or eating in a restaurant. But yesterday, I saw an even better sign. As I walked into the kitchen, I saw L picking at a piece of fudge which we had bought at Wells market last weekend. Picking pieces of fudge and eating them. And later as I ate an orange, she asked me for a piece of orange. Small pieces of food, casually eaten, outside of snack times. Not written on meal plans, or weighed, just eaten, because it would be nice.

The curse of anorexia robs us all of ordinary precious moments, and when they return, it is like the beginning of spring. I am so proud of L.

4 responses to “This looks a bit like recovery

  1. I am so pleased to hear that. Like the weather outside we should savour each sunny day that we have, but not plan for a heat wave.

    Small steps to be proud of

  2. Hang on to these moments of hope – they are precious and important and indicate recovery is possible. Well done to L and all of you xx

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