I miss L

L is away. She is with a friend of hers that she met in hospital, away for her 18th birthday. I dropped her off last night at this huge house, with an enormous driveway. We both went in, with her luggage, peering at the galleried landing and the enormous rooms. She seemed happy, but I miss her.

She called up tonight. We chatted and she asked me how I was. I told her about my disastrous morning and she listened. No one else understands this. I know I shouldn’t tell her about how I feel, but the thing is, we do talk about it. I tell her how it got better. I had my hair cut and then I bought wine. She giggles, Wine huh? I wish she was here. I realise I need her right now, more than she needs me. And I am glad she is out there, with her friend, having fun. Because she is a teenager and that’s where she should be.


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