Sliding backwards and downwards

Sometimes, you can be busy being a good mother to one child, you forget about another. Today, I went shopping with K. We did bra fittings (don’t even ask) and prom accessories shopping. K actually asked to do this, which is so unusual. To K, shopping means Waterstones or Foyles and that’s it. Clothes shopping is excruciating for her, so that she willingly asked for help with choosing shoes and accessories was a bolt from the blue.

We looked at shoes and bags, along with earrings, bracelets and shawls. K already has her dress and had thought about colours and had researched items on the Internet. We became engrossed in Accessorize. It was great.

Then I got home. And had forgotten the CAMHS appointment. L went with her dad. I asked about the W word. A losing week. .85kg. Like sand slipping through my fingers, the prospect of L recovering seems further and further away. I feel sad, frustrated and despairing, all at the same time. But I am glad I spent time with K. If I cannot persuade L to fight for recovery, I can at least spend some more normal time with K. I know this is exam season, I know L is preoccupied with revision, but I need her to fight this with me.


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