A text to L

Last night L went to see one of her favourite bands, with her friends. A first proper gig. I know she sometimes feel that life is passing her by, that everyone else has a social life except her. She had her hair cut and got dressed up, with her mates, going out early to get to the front of the crowd. They all came back, squealing with excitement. While I was half asleep, she came in, her eyes shining, babbling about the best night of her life.

Today I am in London, leaving before she awoke. So I sent her this text:

Hello lovely girl. So glad last night was great. This is the kind of life waiting for you. Don’t let anorexia win. Every mouthful, every extra helping or snack is an example of YOU choosing a new life. This world is not meant to be nibbled at, but devoured. Laugh with friends, drink milkshakes, climb mountains and eat cake at the top in the fresh air. Choose life, choose food. Love you to the top of the world and back. Mum

There are not the words to describe how much I want her to listen to what I am telling her.


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