Snake Oil and Axes to grind

I love Charlotte Bevan. There she is, in the midst of ShittyIllnessVille, but she has time to post the best and worst of the Internet. Today, whilst at work, an article pops up. C urges people to look at this unkind, unhinged, lethal publication.

At first, I’m like, “What?” The author describes a woman and her secret love affair with throwing up food. I get that. And then, the hand grenade. ALL EATING DISORDERS ARE BECAUSE THE PERSON WAS ABUSED. Oh, Fuck the fuck off I think. Then I see this is published in some reputable journal. No evidence. No scientific grounding. Just some bloke, spouting off, but in a journal with Psychology in the title.

The field of Eating Disorders seems as unregulated as aromatherapy. Any halfwit can come along, set up stall, and if they have a serious enough voice, tell mothers their child is anorexic because they were abused. Or not loved enough. Or starved of attention. Or not allowed to wear the clothes they liked. Or only allowed out on a Wednesday. Or not allowed sweets. Or only allowed to,watch documentaries. Or forced to wear their hair in plaits. Ritually humiliated in Monopoly. Late swimmers. Redheads. Bratz lovers over Barbie. Born in a month with an R in it. Kilt wearers. Crunchie eaters. Left handers. Because let’s face it, if you can talk utter shite about eating disorders, should there be ANY limits? What’s to stop us walking along the street, pointing at people in a wheelchair and saying, “You used the knife in the butter AND the Marmite. That’s why you can’t walk”.

Mental health is as scientific as physical health. As the Stonewall ads go, some people need to get over that


4 responses to “Snake Oil and Axes to grind

  1. Amen to ‘fuck the fuck off’ as a trauma survivor even I know that doesn’t cause Ed for everyone. It didn’t even cause my Ed. Stuffy fool needs to keep up, he’s going to be a laughingstock. Stupid psychology journal needs to be hung up to dry for not vetting their sources.

  2. It’s just so maddening that people would expect properly sourced and verified info on any other illness but for Ed they are happy to believe any old crap chosen because it aligns with their opinion rather than any facts. And they spread their crap. My own family ostracized me because they choose to believe a stereotype of me being an Emo spoilt selfish brat despite me making a wealth of facts available to them. I just wish i could kick every snake oil-ist from here to Timbuktu.

  3. Yep! oh wait… is that what I did? I knew I should have switched knives… LMFAO! People like that shouldn’t even be allowed to publish their bullshit propaganda!

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