Catching Up

I haven’t blogged for ages. Somehow, life kept getting in the way. L and K celebrated their 16th birthdays. K and I ate dinner with C and chatted about all kinds of things, while L invited friends around. Vodka was involved. My attempts to dilute and ration the vodka were scuppered by smuggled vodka, resulting in one of L’s friends being horribly sick. But thankfully, into a bowl, rather than redecorating the landing as happened on a previous occasion. L was hilarious and seemed happy.

Then came the back to school period. L started at 6th form college last week. She loves the idea of college rather than school, with its freedoms, the cafe and most importantly, the wifi. She makes friends so easily, and after less than a week has acquired a boyfriend. What she cannot see about herself is clearly seen by everyone else. This boyfriend calls her beautiful, wants a ‘romantic’ relationship, has a dog and an allotment. Am I naive to think that these last two facts make him kind and safe?

I am really worried about K, however. She struggles with the world, finds talking to people agonising and came home from school on her first day at 6th form in tears, feeling as if she will never be the person she wants to be. After a long time caring for L I realise I need to make special time for K too. We sit on my bed, surrounded by fairy lights and talk about her fears. She makes me laugh with her cleverness and I long for her to be brave enough to show how wonderful she is to the world.

And J is off to Cardiff soon. We still haven’t had our cooking lessons as so much of his time is spent on music. I am anxious, but no more so than any parent sending their adult child to university. It is only an hour away and I imagine popping over to see him and possibly to do shopping as Cardiff is a wonderful city.

I also acquire a Twitter stalker, over in my real life world. One so determined to make sarky comments he sets up three accounts after each one is blocked by me. He writes a blog about me. Worse of all, he follows J and K, plus some of L’s friends. J is incensed by this and tweets him to leave his mother alone. In my struggle to find enough time to write this blog, I wonder at the mentality of someone so determined to annoy, yet so afraid to reveal their identity. I haven’t time for their pathetic attention seeking behaviour. My time is reserved for those I love.


One response to “Catching Up

  1. Another pathetic loser with a sad, empty life trying to make himself feel important I suspect. What a fool!

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