Call the Banners, We Ride on Anorexia!

Ok, ok, another cheesy Game of Thrones title. But, perhaps, to beat an ED, a battle is compulsory. I have always felt lucky as a parent. L doesn’t smash plates, throw food, hurl insults or destroy furniture. But tonight she smashed the windscreen of my car as I told her she must eat. I felt calm. I had no need to stop her. Anorexia is vile. I hope L can get angry. This is a battle and no war was ever won by fallen faces and unhappy body language.


One response to “Call the Banners, We Ride on Anorexia!

  1. I just read this whole blog, from beginning to end in a day. I was absolutely captivated by your devotion to your daughter’s recovery. I struggled with an eating disorder for twenty years before seeking help. As a community social service provider and a feminist, I lived in secret shame and feeling like a hypocrite. I have enjoyed a pretty reasonable remission for the last year, finally at the age of 35. Though I read of your struggles, both with L and with your own mental wellness issues, I can guarantee you that having an involved, informed and unconditionally loving parent is a well of strength for L unlike any other. I applaud you for emerging in the morning from the IBOD (I know EXACTLY what you mean!!) and facing this disease hand-in-hand with your daughter. My very best of good energies and intentions will be sent your way this holiday season. May you find some joy, some comfort and some of the peace you obviously deserve.

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