New Years Eve

We are having an anti-New Years Eve. I have no will for whooping in the New Year. We have had a day of screaming over cheese and weeping at milk shakes. I allow L to spend the evening with The Boyfriend. A fire is lit. We watch University Challenge (K is brilliant) I make a sad playlist including Emeli Sande Breaking The Law, my new favourite L song. And I think of this message, sent by such a good friend after an exchange in which I describe the grim Christmas, alleviated only by an afternoon drinking champagne with K.

We all have to enjoy those fleeting moments,those precious hours when we can. They come ,they go but we have to keep on keeping on x

That will be 2014, a year in which we keep on keeping on


2 responses to “New Years Eve

  1. I am Julia G… the girl that has sporadically commented. I just want you to know that I am thirteen pounds up from my lowest weight, and I am actively seeking a full recovery. I have had pints of Ben & Jerry’s and really challenging myself in every possible way. A lot of my strength came from within. but you know what really helped me? College. My parents threatened to take away college, and once I realized they were serious, it was like a light bulb turn on in me. I knew I had to make a change in order to have a life. I knew that I had to. I am not saying that threats are the best way to get someone to recover, but if you have not tried it with L, I really suggest it. It completely changed my mindset toward recovery. I did not want to, but then I realized I had too. BUT, once I started gaining weight, a mental clarity had established within me and I could finally see how thin i was. I constantly think of you and I really pray for L to make a full recovery. ❤

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