An OK weekend.

I tend to blog when things are bad or when things are wonderful. This weekend, life is, well, ok. L has home leave and spends time with The Boyfriend and friends, but also calls in to say Hi on the Saturday and Sunday. In total it is no more than 45 minutes, but it is precious time. She is doing well, and seems cheerful.

I’m ok-ish, too. My cleaning out frenzy results in a bad back. Coupled with a medication miss and today I am in bed. No outing to challenge myself to leave the house, no task to complete. But it feels ok. The sun shines. I read and rest. The cats slumber next to me. The storms of the last week have passed and life goes on. Without incident or improvement, life goes from one day to the next and if we follow its course, some days there will be peace. Much love and heartfelt thanks to all those who were there in the last days and weeks – this post is to say, actually, life today, yesterday and hopefully tomorrow, is Ok. And the tough days taught me to see this as the gift it truly is.


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