The Big D. And Vitamin D.

After two months off work, I had my latest GP check up last Friday. I had another round of blood tests and expected the results to be fine. Having told her how much better I felt, she told me we needed to talk about the blood tests. Which were ‘generally’ ok. Except for my Vitamin D levels. Which were virtually non-existent. So much so that bone scans might be needed and further blood tests.

I suppose it makes sense. Am depressed, I don’t leave the house, have no sunlight exposure and this results in a vitamin deficiency. Home has been both a place of torment and a refuge. But vitamin D deficiency causes exhaustion, muscle pains, restless sleep and lethargy. You don’t say. I receive my first prescription for 350 tablets, five a day for ten weeks. I don’t have any doubt that depression has made me ill. But we always need to press for a full examination of other causes. I have a GP who did that. And so should everybody.


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