Life and depression

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It's not the despair


When a famous person dies, there’s always interest. When a comedian takes that final regrettable step and takes their own life, it’s easy to fall back on the ‘tears behind the laughter’ cliches. But depression is not a straight line from birth to self-inflicted death. It isn’t always a downward trajectory. It needn’t end that way, though sometimes it does. 

Depression isn’t just about death. Depression isn’t about death although sometimes it ends there and sometimes people die because of it. But being depressed is about being alive, feeling alive, struggling sometimes with that feeling of being alive; always life is there. Depression is life. That’s not a negative statement: it’s the ability to be at peace with depression, to live with it rather than trying to fight it or get rid of it altogether, that so many of us are looking for. 


People have said it’s a ‘battle’ with depression. I don’t…

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